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Bucket elevators are versatile conveying systems used for transporting various bulk materials in conveying technology. Belt bucket elevators enable the conveying of materials with temperatures of up to 140 °C. Chain bucket elevators are ideal for coarse-grained bulk materials at higher temperatures. To avoid contamination during the transport of different materials, the base station can be equipped with a scoop pan that can be opened downwards or is liftable and lowerable.

Type Overview

  • Belt Bucket Elevator Type BEB

  • Chain Bucket Elevator Type BEC

Technical Data

  • Conveying capacity Belt Bucket Elevator up to 750 m³/h

  • Conveying capacity Chain Bucket Elevator up to 250 m³/h

  • Standard bucket width: 100, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800 and1000 mm

Main Features

  • high operational reliability

  • easy operability

  • long lifetime by robust design

  • special design for sticky bulk material

  • non-mixing conveying

Add-ons & Accessories

  • hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel design
  • various internal coatings of the weighing hopper
  • various discharge aids such as vibrators (electromotive) or pneumatic knocker
  • ventilation flaps for faster scale emptying
  • Weigher Vent Filter
  • Test weight cups for calibration
  • automatic calibration device
  • split version suitable for transport (for large dimensions)

Belt Bucket Elevator BEB100

This bucket elevator type was developed for the conveying of dusty and fine-grained bulk materials with low conveying capacity (< 3 m³/h). The compact design is ideal for the use in tight space conditions.

Technical Data

  • bucket width 100 mm

  • conveying capacity: up to 3 m³/h

  • conveying height: up to 30 m

Main Features

  • compact construction

  • complete galvanized

  • dustproof

  • thermoformed buckets

  • bottom station with spindle tensioning device


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