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Conveyor screws are ideal for conveying dusty, powdery, granular, and sticky materials. Thanks to highly wear-resistant materials, even abrasive bulk materials can be transported efficiently. Our experienced staff in the area of conveyor screws offer customized solutions for standard and special conveyor screws in various industrial sectors.

Type Overview

  • Pipe Screw Conveyor Type SCP

  • Withdrawal Screw Conveyor Type SCW

  • Trough Screw ConveyorType SCT

  • Vertical Screw Conveyor Type SCV

Main Features

  • customised solutions

  • long lifetime by using wear resistant materials

  • space saving design by using clip-on geared drive

Technical Data


max. conveying length

135 mm

4700 mm

170 mm

6200 mm

220 mm

6900 mm

270 mm

7200 mm

320 mm

8500 mm

420 mm

8000 mm

540 mm

7600 mm

630 mm

8700 mm

800 mm

7800 mm

Add-ons & Accessories

  • speed monitoring

  • gate valve for screw inlet

  • quick-acting shut-off gate for screw outlet

  • inlet boxes for badly flowing materials

  • inlet boxes for badly flowing materials

  • flushing-air sealing for bulk materials sensitive to temperature

  • supports and suspensions

  • inlet pipe and outlet pipe according to customer requirement


special design, e.g.:

  • screw discharge bottom for adhesive material
  • screw conveyors with complete discharge
  • mixing screw with band thread


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