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Silos are used for storage of various bulk materials. Among to standard silos customised solutions can be realised.

Type Overview

  • welded standard silos

  • bolted large volume silos

  • multiple chamber silos

  • special design silos

Main Features

  • dustproof

  • long lifetime

  • extendable

  • short erection time

  • transportable design

  • quality coating on sandblasted surface

Add-ons & Accessories

  • pneumatic or mechanical silo charging

  • various discharge aids (e.g.: aeration systems) and discharge equipment

  • Silo Rooftop Filter

  • level indication (maximum-, minimum- or continuous level indication)

  • silo overflow safety device and pressure control device

  • over / under pressure valve

  • dividing wall

  • load cells for level indication

  • construction like silo supporting structure, ladder, maintenance platform at silo roof and railing


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