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Silos designed for the storage of bulk materials present versatile application opportunities across numerous industries. These structures are essential for efficient material management, enabling secure storage and maintaining the quality of a wide variety of bulk goods. Our extensive product lineup encompasses both standard silos and bespoke silo solutions, meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers. This approach ensures optimal storage and handling of bulk materials, catering to the specific operational needs of diverse industries. Customized client solutions allow us to precisely address specific requirements and provide optimal storage solutions for every type of bulk material.

Type Overview

  • welded standard silos

  • bolted large volume silos

  • multiple chamber silos

  • special design silos

Main Features

  • dustproof

  • long lifetime

  • extendable

  • short erection time

  • transportable design

  • quality coating on sandblasted surface

Add-ons & Accessories

  • pneumatic or mechanical silo charging

  • various discharge aids (e.g.: aeration systems) and discharge equipment

  • Silo Rooftop Filter

  • level indication (maximum-, minimum- or continuous level indication)

  • silo overflow safety device and pressure control device

  • over / under pressure valve

  • dividing wall

  • load cells for level indication

  • construction like silo supporting structure, ladder, maintenance platform at silo roof and railing


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