Weigh Hoppers

Weighhoppers are used in the bulk material processing industry for automatic dosing. To produce high quality products, the individual raw material must be charged and weighed with high accuracy. InoCon Weighhoppers are designed with steep walls and rounded corners to ensure a residue-free discharging.

Type Overview

  • closed Weighhopper
  • open Weighhopper fordustless products
  • Weighhopper made of aluminium for light weight material resp. additive (to reduce the tare weight)
  • volumetric light-weight dosing unit with or without additional weighing (e.g. for Perlite or Styrofoam)

Main Features

  • high weighing accuracy
  • application of high-quality load cells and weighing electronic
  • steep walls and rounded corner to avoid material deposits

Add-ons & Accessories

  • hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel design
  • various internal coatings of the weighing hopper
  • various discharge aids such as vibrators (electromotive) or pneumatic knocker
  • ventilation flaps for faster scale emptying
  • Weigher Vent Filter
  • Test weight cups for calibration
  • automatic calibration device
  • split version suitable for transport (for large dimensions)


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