Weigh Hoppers

Weigh hoppers are indispensable in the bulk material processing industry for the automatic dosing of raw materials. To produce high-quality finished products, precise dosing and weighing of individual components are crucial. The INOCON-IP weigh hoppers are characterized by steep wall slopes and rounded corners to ensure residue-free emptying. With their high accuracy, they are the ideal solution for dosing in the industry.

Type Overview

  • closed Weighhopper
  • open Weighhopper fordustless products
  • Weighhopper made of aluminium for light weight material resp. additive (to reduce the tare weight)
  • volumetric light-weight dosing unit with or without additional weighing (e.g. for Perlite or Styrofoam)

Main Features

  • high weighing accuracy
  • application of high-quality load cells and weighing electronic
  • steep walls and rounded corner to avoid material deposits

Add-ons & Accessories

  • hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel design
  • various internal coatings of the weighing hopper
  • various discharge aids such as vibrators (electromotive) or pneumatic knocker
  • ventilation flaps for faster scale emptying
  • Weigher Vent Filter
  • Test weight cups for calibration
  • automatic calibration device
  • split version suitable for transport (for large dimensions)


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